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Get involved with the Club Bon Accueil!

You can do it by :

– making a monetary donation (tax deductible),

– becoming a member,

– volunteering at our events and activities;

– joining the Board of Directors.

Make a Donation

Support the Club Bon Accueil by making a donation!

mission statement
mission statement


Volunteering has special benefits to offer. We develop a sense of belonging within our community; we create bonds and friendships; we contribute to the development of the organization or the people with whom we are involved; we develop new skills or use those we have. This experience will be enriching if we get involved in an activity that really interests us, that excites us, or even, why not, fascinates us!

 The Club Bon Accueil would benefit from your contribution. There are always planned activities that would benefit from your ideas and your helping hand. If you have time or ideas to share, let us know. Or come and share your talents to animate games, songs, pranks (!) During activities (celebrations and festivals …).

Whatever your involvement, you put in the time you want to do what interests you. Do not hesitate to contact us to explore the possibilities!

Become a member

If you are a Francophone, Francophile, you love French Canadian culture or you want to support our country’s linguistic duality then consider becoming a member of the Club Bon Accueil.

Payment by check, cash or E-Transfer.

We appreciate your continued support!

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